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What is a confirmation code?

We return a confirmation code back to the owner which allows him to independently verify that he has been given a Bitcoin address that actually depends on his passphrase. For this he does not have to remove the hologram to expose the encrypted private key.

A confirmation tool, given a passphrase and a confirmation code, can recalculate the address, verify the address hash, and then assert the following: "It is confirmed that this Bitcoin address depends on this passphrase".

This protects the owner from being given a Bitcoin address that is unrelated to the key derivation. If a Bitcoin address given to the owner can be successfully regenerated through the confirmation process, the owner can be reasonably assured that without the passphrase spending funds is infeasible. A confirmation code is 75 characters long, starting with "cfrm38".

An example of a confirmation code is: cfrm38V8aXBn7JWA1ESmFMUn6erxeBGZGAxJPY4e36S9QWkzZKtaVqLNMgnifETYw7BPwWC9aPD

About Us

The 5C-Basic GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 2010 with headquarters in Leipzig. We have been fascinated by the Bitcoin since 2012 and in the beginning of 2013 we implemented the project Bit-Card.

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