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What is an encrypted private key?

BIP 0038 is a standard to encrypt individual private keys. Encrypted private keys are intended for use on paper wallets and physical Bitcoins.

We will generate one or more pairs of a Bitcoin address and its encrypted private key with an intermediate code. We only know the address and encrypted private key, but cannot decrypt the private key as we never receive the original passphrase.

An encrypted private key starts with a '6'. The starting number '6' represents "a private key that needs something else to be usable". The second character ought to give a hint as to what is needed to use the private key. For an encrypted key requiring a passphrase, the uppercase letter P is used. The encrypted private key is the first factor, the needed passphrase to decrypt it being the second factor of a two factor authentication system.

An example of an encrypted private key is: 6PgNBNNzDkKdhkT6uJntUXwwzQV8Rr2tZcbkDcuC9DZRsS6AtHts4Ypo1j

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