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...create an Intermediate Code

To order an Encrypted-Card with a password-protected private key you need an intermediate code. With an intermediate code, it is possible that we can create encrypted private keys without knowing the corresponding passphrase. There are three simple ways to generate an Intermidiate Code.
1. Creating an Intermediate Code using Bit2Factor.org
Using Bit2Factor.org is a fast way to create an Intermediate Code
  • Go to Bit2Factor.org using your preferred browser.
    But don't use Safari 6.
  • Type your password in the field.
  • Then click the button labeled "Generate Intermediate Code".
  • The generation will take some time.
  • After the calculation is finished you'll find the Intermediate Code here.
  • Don't forget your initial password because it can't be recovered!
2. Creating an Intermediate Code using the Bit-Card-Tool
  • Download the Bitcoin-Address-Utility
  • Extract the zip-file
  • Execute the "Bit-Card-Tool.exe"
  • Select the "Generate-Intermediate-Code"-Tab
  • Enter your passphrase into the passphrase-field
  • Then click the "generate intermediate code" - button
  • After the calculation is finished you will find the intermediate code in the field labeled "Intermediate-Code"
  • Don't forget your password and keep it secret, because it can't be recovered!

About Us

The 5C-Basic GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 2010 with headquarters in Leipzig. We have been fascinated by the Bitcoin since 2012 and in the beginning of 2013 we implemented the project Bit-Card.

legal information

Feel free to contact us if you have any problems.

Company 5C-Basic GmbH & Co. KG
Address Stauffacherweg 16
04129 Leipzig, Germany
Email support@bit-card.com
Register Court AG Leipzig, HRB 26544