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...use Bit-Card or Wallet-Cards

Though being plastic cards, Bit-Cards are so called paper wallets.

From the Bitcoin wiki: A paper wallet is a way to store Bitcoins that involves printing the Bitcoin addresses and private keys directly on a piece of paper. When done properly, paper wallets are one of the safest ways possible to store Bitcoins.


  • Protection from malware and key loggers.
  • Maintain 100% ownership of your private keys, no one but you holds them. You are in control of your Bitcoins, instead of a 3rd party service.
  • No dependence on the security of any website.
  • Keeping a Bit-Card safe is easier than keeping your computer secure.


  • The Bit-Card contains everything needed to spend the coins and must be kept physically secure.
  • Remitting partial payments may result in problems with some wallet programs where the remaining balance is credited to a so called change address following transfer.
  • To avoid issues with the change address, we recommend that you always remit the total amount from the Bit-Card.

In an effort to simplify the use of the Bit-Card, we will explain the use based on the example of services by Blockchain.info below.

Step 1: Your Bit-Card

  • Pick up your Bit-Card. You will see the Bitcoin-address on the lower edge and it is also created as a QR-code on the right side. On the left side you will see the verification link to check your Bit-Card.
  • A security hologram is located in the center of the card. It is the private key you will need to access your balance.
  • bit-card

Step 2: Download the app

  • You can execute the following steps on the Blockchain.info website, as well as on your Smartphone app. Due to the user friendly QR-Codes, we recommend the use of your app.
  • If you haven't already, download the Blockchain.info app. You will need to create a new wallet or pair to an existing wallet, follow the on screen instructions to do so.

Step 3: Scan the Bitcoin address from the Bit-Card

  • Bitcoin addresses come in two parts - public and private keys. First you need to import the public part of the address into the app. This lets the app view the balance and transactions of an address but cannot spend the funds without scanning the private part that is hidden by the security hologram.
  • Open the app click the menu button on the top bar and choose "Address Book". Again hit the menu button and select "Scan Watch Only Address" and scan the QR Codes on the Bit-Card labeled "Bitcoin Address". Choose a label for the address if you wish.

Step 4: Spending the coins

  • Click the send arrow in the top right.
  • Click the menu button and choose "Custom Send".
  • Set the from address field to the address on the Bit-Card.
  • Enter the recipient and amount to pay. Click Send. Again, we strongly recommend to send the complete value to avoid problems with a change address unless you’re really sure what you do.
  • Cautiously remove the security hologram from your Bit-Card. Upon removal the security hologram will leave behind a honeycomb pattern on the card. Do not use a chemical solvent or sharp objects to remove the residues, instead use a rubber eraser or something similar.
  • When prompted press ok and scan the QR code labeled "Private Key" from the Bit-Card.

Congratulations, you’re done!

Assuming no errors your transaction will be sent instantly. Note: Since the private key has now been scanned by a device connected to the internet we would no longer consider the address a true cold storage anymore. We do not recommend to use an emptied Bit-Card as a paper wallet anymore and send Bitcoins to its address. We recommend the use of a wallet card with a valid security hologram instead.

About Us

The 5C-Basic GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 2010 with headquarters in Leipzig. We have been fascinated by the Bitcoin since 2012 and in the beginning of 2013 we implemented the project Bit-Card.

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Feel free to contact us if you have any problems.

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