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How you can recognize the Bit-card's security characteristics

Security is an important factor when using Bit-Cards. Therefore we would like to elaborate on some security characteristics protecting the cards from counter fitting and inappropriate use.

    verification link

    When you receive a Bit-Card, you should check it by using the verification link printed on the front of the card. This link will provide essential information about the card and its status.

Hologram security characteristics

Hologram Damaged hologram
In order to determine whether the private card key has already been accessed, the key is protected by a special security hologram. If this hologram is removed it will self-destruct. Never accept a Bit-Card if the security hologram is damaged or has been removed!
Hologram Hologram security feature
Enlarged view of the Bit-Cards security hologram If you look at the hologram from a very low angle, a Bitcoin-symbol is visible.
 Hologram security feature Hologram security feature
Looking at it from right to left the background-script on the hologram changes from "BITCOIN" to "BIT-CARD". Microtext

Security cut

    We continuously work to further improve the security features of our Bit-Cards. After extensive testing of different enhancements, we decided to introduce the following new security feature for all Bit-Cards produced as of 2013-07-23:

    The Security Cut is carved into the hologram. Four overlapping Bitcoin-Symbols form a pattern and segment the hologram into more than thirty parts of different size making any attempt at opening it or tampering with it even more obvious.

    Black core

In addition to the characteristics outlined here, the hologram features numerous other characteristics which render it impossible to be duplicated.

Sandwich configuration

    Bit-Cards are not only thicker than required by the ISO/IEC-Standard 7813 ID-1, they also feature a black core to adequately protect the private key.

    Black core

About Us

The 5C-Basic GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 2010 with headquarters in Leipzig. We have been fascinated by the Bitcoin since 2012 and in the beginning of 2013 we implemented the project Bit-Card.

legal information

Feel free to contact us if you have any problems.

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